Welcome to Laconwood

Get the trail map, and we'll show you around.. Here are summer and winter views from the deck, on the morning side of the Blue Ridge, overlooking the Piedmont.. Let's head up from the back of the house. We'll pause at Meditation Rock, then go up Spring House trail to the treehouse, past the morel patch.. After a suitable break, we'll take a nature walk, and we'll talk about trees. The healthy second-growth forest here has great biodiversity due to several distinct micro-environments, from the tulip poplars in the swale to the old red oaks on the rocky hillside to the white pines on the ridge and the sycamores along the stream.. Then we'll take a "walk on the river," an off-trail hike into SNP, joining the Hazel River Trail up toward the connecting Appalachian Trail.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

from the Tree House

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